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NWT Archives - Prince of Wales Northern Heritage Centre - Yellowknife, Northwest Territories, Canada

About Henry Busse

Hans Heinrich Maximilian (Henry) Busse was born in Germany in 1896. A veteran of WWI, he studied agriculture at Bonn University. He was married in the 1920s but separated from his wife, with whom he had a daughter. He immigrated to Canada in 1927 and worked at a number of farms and businesses throughout western Canada.

Henry worked at Eldorado Mining and Refining at Great Bear Lake in the mid 1940s. At Eldorado he joined the photography club, improving the skills he gained earlier running a darkroom in Edmonton. In 1947 Busse moved to Yellowknife where he opened Yellowknife's first commercial photography business, Yellowknife Photo Service. His work received international awards and appeared in several magazines.

On September 28, 1962, Henry Busse chartered Ken Stockhall's Cessna 185 for a photographic assignment in the Nahanni Valley. He was joined by Gunther Geortz and Vic Hudon from Giant mine. The group didn’t return at their scheduled time. Despite a two-month air search, their plane was not discovered until June 1963, crashed in a valley near Cli Lake.

Busse with Chief Bruneau: N-1979-052, CN 1629
Busse behind counter: N-1979-052, CN 3906