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NWT Archives - Prince of Wales Northern Heritage Centre - Yellowknife, Northwest Territories, Canada

About This Exhibit

After Henry Busse’s death in 1962, the Yellowknife Museum Society approached Henry’s daughter to acquire his work and preserve it for future generations of northerners. When the Prince of Wales Northern Heritage Centre opened in 1979, the Henry Busse collection was transferred to the NWT Archives.

A portion of the collection was catalogued in the 1980s but since it is so large it has taken until recently to address the entire collection. Nearly 50,000 new images were organized in 2007, and 3000 were given detailed descriptions in 2008. We are proud to present a selection of these images to the public.

Figure skaters postcard: N-1979-052, CN 5321
Busse with camera and boy: N-1979-052, CN 5778