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NWT Archives - Prince of Wales Northern Heritage Centre - Yellowknife, Northwest Territories, Canada

About Yellowknife Photo Service

While working at Eldorado Mine, Henry Busse met Father Gathy, who encouraged him to start a photographic studio. In 1947 Henry opened Yellowknife Photo Service.

At the time, Yellowknife was a booming frontier town, with several active gold mines. Newcomers, such as miners, prospectors, bush pilots and entrepreneurs flocked to the area traditionally inhabited by the Dene people.

Busse’s shop was the first of its kind in the north. He set up a portrait studio, and took photographs of local events. Customers also brought in their own film to be processed. Henry was rarely seen without his camera. His early newspaper ads claimed he’d “Shoot Anything – Any Time” and his collection at the NWT Archives reflects this with thousands of photos of parties, portraits, parades and even pets!

Yellowknife Photo Service was in two locations in Old Town. In 1958 he moved the business up the hill to the expanding New Town. When Busse died suddenly in 1962, his business partner Gerry Reimann continued the business.

Yellowknife Photo Services and Wildcat Cafe: N-1979-052: 6756
Ad: News of the North, May 28, 1948
Yellowknife Photo Services in New Town: N-1979-052, CN 3957