A Time of Change Painting and Photos by Bern Will Brown
Northern Scenes

In addition to being a prolific photographer, Bern Will Brown has recorded many scenes in the north on 16mm film.

Bern Will Brown's movie camera a Bell and Howell DL-70

Credit: Bird/PWNHC




Travelling by Dogsled

This excerpt from Bern Will Brown films show Inuvialuit from Tuktoyaktuk travelling by dogsled in the mid 1950s (Credit: Brown/NWT Archives/N-2001-002)

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Hunting Beluga Whales

Hunting Beluga whales in the estuary of the Mackenzie River in the mid 1950s (Credit: Brown/NWT Archives/N-2001-002-44)

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Prince of Wales Northern Heritage Centre
Yellowknife, Northwest Territories, Canada