Helm and Lurie worked together for several years in the Dogrib communities of Rae and Whatı̀ (formerly Lac La Martre). During public sessions such as Treaty time celebrations, Helm took photographs, while Lurie recorded the event on audio tape. In 1999 June Helm donated the audio tapes and photographs to the NWT Archives. Working with the original recordings, John B. Zoe of the then Dogrib Treaty 11 Council, and the NWT Archives re-recorded the songs in CD format. The CD was produced by the Dogrib Treaty 11 Council and sponsored by Nishi-Khon/SNC Lavalin Ltd.

The original recordings were made on a Butoba MT5 reel to reel recorder, and the analog master tapes were transferred to a ‘Digidesign Protools’ digital audio workstation at the Northwest Territories Archives in 1999. As Helm indicates in her note, often singers would only sing a chant once before another was begun. In order to preserve these single chants, loops were made to extend their length. As these are the only known recordings of many of these chants, it was important to loop and extend them so that they may be included in the final package. The original versions have been preserved in an unedited format, and can be reviewed at the Northwest Territories Archives (June Helm/N-2003-037). The original Sound Room was developed in cooperation with the Treaty 11 Council and was revamped in 2013.

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