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Most of the information about the place names featured in this exhibit was provided by Inuvialuit Elders who participated in the Prince of Wales Northern Heritage Centre's "Tuktoyaktuk Traditional Knowledge Project" (TTKP), directed by Elisa J. Hart. Elder Noah Felix tells Elisa Hart about life at Kitigaaryuk
Elder Noah Felix tells Elisa Hart about
life at Kitigaaryuk. (Inuvialuit Cultural
Resource Centre/James Sydney)

Elders and others who participated in the TTKP project are:

Rhoda Allen
Eva Apsimik
William Apsimik
Joseph Avik
Mary Avik
Beverly Amos
Lena Anikina
Ellen Binder
Otto Binder
Richard Dick
Adam Emaghok
Annie Emaghok
Jorgen Elias
Lillian Elias
Agnes Felix
Emmanuel Felix

Noah Felix
Jimmy Gordon
Charlie Gruben
Persis Gruben
Billy Jacobson
Jimmy Jacobson
Ned Kayotuk
Laura Kangegana
Ralph Kimiksana
Christine Klengenberg
Diamond Klengenberg
Charles Komeak
Edgar Kotokak
Jimmy Komeak
Naudia Lennie
Nellie Lester

Raymond Mangelana
David Nasogaluak
Charles Nuligak
Laura (Ettagiak) Orchard
Donald Pingo
Laura Raymond
William Raymond
David Roland
Olga Roland
Peter Rufus
Madeline Smith
Danny Sydney
Alphonse Voudrach
Agnes Gruben White
Fred Wolki
Sandy Wolki

Thank you to our project partners:

The Prince of Wales Northern Heritage Centre gratefully acknowledges the financial investment by the Department of Canadian Heritage in the creation of this on-line presentation for the Virtual Museum of Canada.

Exhibit Production:
Mark Heyck, PWNHC

Research and Writing
for the web exhibit:

Charles D. Arnold, PWNHC
Elisa J. Hart

Lynda Comerford, Creative Communications

Terry Pamplin, PWNHC

Graphic Design:
Outcrop Communications Ltd.

Inuvialuktun Translation and Audio Narration:
Beverly Amos, Inuvialuit Cultural Resource Centre

French Translation:
Language Services Division, Department of Education, Culture and Employment, GNWT

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