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Oral history is easily lost.
Of the hundreds of personal and family stories that could be told, here are 19 perspectives on what it was like to work as a Special Constable for the RCMP.

Archival Videos

The following silent footage of northern detachments and police work shows activities that RCMP officers did, with the help of Special Constables and community members. The videos were taken by RCMP Assistant Commander Cyril “Nordie” Kirk while he was stationed in the Northwest Territories in the late 1940s and 1950s.

Place Names

Several Special Constables are recognized on Canadian maps as official geographic place names, particularly in the Gwich’in area.

1Joe Bernard Lake
2Charlie Stewart Viteetshìk (Creek)
3John Martin Viteetshìk (Creek)
4Jimmy Husky Viteetshìk (Creek)
5Johnny Semple Viteetshìk (Creek)
6Peter Alexie Viteetshìk (Creek)
7Millen Viteetshìk (Creek) *
8Abraham Francis Ferry
9Louis Cardinal Ferry
10Mount Sittichinli
11Moses Hill

* place named after constable Edgar Millen, killed in the hunt for the Mad Trapper.

Place Names Map
Lists of Known Specials

For this project, researchers compiled a list of known Special Constables and other community members who helped the RCMP. The official RCMP records are not complete, so some of the information below was collected from community members. There are probably many names still missing from the list. If you would like to add a story or acknowledge a Special Constable, please share it here and we will add it to this website.

Special Constables
First Name Family Name Active Date(s) Place or Project
Interpreters and Guides
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Women Who Helped
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